Current Shows


Dec. 1 2016 – Feb. 15th, 2017
at the Cornerstone Gallery
609 Hastings St., Vancouver

9am – 9pm, Mon.-Fri.

See the slide show here.

Mesmerizing computer drawn moire creations on canvas by Rob Wall.

Come and enjoy the futuristic work of Rob Wall and witness the illusions created by our brains need to see patterns.

Based on Op art and other graphic works, Wall’s use of moire patterns and vector layering on the computer results in some surprisingly organic and beautiful disruption patterns.

When these are printed to gicleé on canvas, they can be quite impressive. Also, Wall is persuing annimations of his work to original music that can be viewed at robwall50 Youtube channel.

All works are up for sale by online auction by clicking on AIC BidArt on the home page. Enjoy!

Also Bowen Map

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